Welcome to my new website

May 27, 2020

After a few months without one I could be proud of, I am really pleased to be finally launching my new website. Following a catastrophic litany of critical errors on my old site, I decided to start again, from scratch. I had totally forgotten how much planning this needed so it has taken a couple of iterations to get it to something how I would like.

My previous website was heavily biased towards a commercial theme but I wanted this to reflect me and my work far more honestly – to showcase the photographs that I love and am proud of; to act as a gallery and book – allowing visitors to explore my projects and series of work, including those that are still being built upon or are simply work in progress.

I really hope you love my new site and get inspired by the work and the photographic projects I share on the portfolio pages and in my journal. Do come back to visit regularly as they will be continuously updated as and when new work is created and ready for publication.

To kick things off, below is a selection of the projects from my archive along with a couple of projects which are ongoing, which were started in 2020.


Landscapes | Monochrome


All at Sea

Monochrome Landscapes

For the Trees

Architecture | Topographic


Landscapes | Topographic | Seascapes

New York & Boston

The Downs

Cape Cod