New York & Boston

December 16, 2020

Until 2018 I had Never been to New York, or Boston, or anywhere else in the USA. This was my first visit and I loved every (well nearly) second of it. Ideally, I would have loved to have sailed by ship, across the Atlantic Ocean. I love going by sea – it gives a much more realistic impression of the size of our planet and allows you to slow down. Whilst air travel is great and makes travel smooch more convenient, it also feeds that ‘everything needs to happen now’ lifestyle. Still, we went by plane it was a great.

The romantic notion of arrival after 5 days at sea does appeal and I hope one day to experience it. But, the sense of anticipation of experiencing the famous Big Apple was just as real and New York did not disappoint. The images in this portfolio are from that very trip, which included a few days in the historic and distinctly fabulous city of Boston.