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I'm Matthew

The Person Behind The Lens

My photographs are both an emotional and rational response to what I experience. I thrive in creating stories and documenting my response through my work

Inspired and influenced by some of the great photographers past and present, I aim to describe unfolding scenes in the way in which I have experienced them, both emotionally and physically.

Just as Nan Shepherd in ‘The Living Mountain‘, Roger Deakin in ‘Waterloo’ and John Blakemore’s ‘The Stilled Gaze’ is concerned with the act of observation of; of interaction with; of attempting to describe that which is seen, felt, touched, heard and in being one with, I strive for my photographs to provide the viewer with insight into the moment before, during and after they were taken.

Making photographs is about more than just looking

It is about trying to describe what the scene means to you, the story it tells and about transporting the viewer into that world

Look with fresh eyes, always

Photography feeds adventure, which feeds photography

- Since 1996 -

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I am constantly adding to existing bodies of work and creating new projects. Pop back regularly to have a look at what I’m up to and the work I have produced.

If there is anything you would like to know about me or my work, would like to collaborate or commission me for a project (large and small), get in touch.