Monochrome Landscapes

Monochrome, Landscape

Taken over the course of 2020 in response to an exhibition of Landscape photographs by Don McCullin which was held at Hauser & Wirth just prior to the first lockdown in March 2020. This is an ongoing personal project.

Moving back to Black & White photography having spent much of the last decade predominately focused on making colour images, I wanted to explore the way in which Black & White is able to convey drama of the scene and the emotional response of the photographer or viewer.


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Working in Black & White has allowed me to focus on form, shape and drama. It allows the creator and the viewer a more pure form from which to understand the story

I believe there is a place for both colour and black and white work within a photographers portfolio. Switching from one to another after a time away has allowed me to rediscover favourite local locations and see them in a difference way.

During the making of these photographs, suddenly colour looked clumsy and incapable of conveying the kind of emotion and theatre that Black and White is able to. It transforms the scene and allowed me to focus on the key elements from each scene - whether that be swirling angry clouds contrasting dramatically against a deep dark sky, water reflecting back light against dark earth, or the contract between shadow and sunlight across a folded hillside.