About Matthew


Matthew P. Wright

I started my love for photography at the age of seven, when, using my borrowed Grandpa's old 120 film camera, I tried for a Cub Scout Photography Badge - I failed! But, I did win the local photography competiion with a sunset taken on holiday. Since then I've not looked back.

Thankfully I have done a bit better since those first days with a camera and I proudly graduated with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Fine Art Photography, from the University of Derby's School of Art and Design on 1996. I have work published in books, journals and magazines.

Professionally I specialise in commercial photography, mainly focused on Architecture and Interiors. My interiors and architectural photographs have been published in many titles and books.

I am at my happiest when I am out in the open air or travelling, both near and far. My private work consists primarily, but not exclusively of landscapes and documentary - focusing on light, form, detail and texture to create dramatic and evocative images that invite the viewer to become immersed in the stories and scenes unfolding before them. I am is particularly interested in creating narratives through a series of images and through book-works.

My previous works include ‘Waterfront’ - a photographic exhibition and bookwork concerned with our public/private space, ‘Rush Hour’ - a project focusing on those ‘lost’ hours sat in traffic whilst attempting to return home at the end of each day, and ‘The Farrier’ - a documentary project, following a Farrier working in the racing stables and livery yards surrounding Lambourn, Berkshire

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